sand sculpture

3 Interesting Types of Sculpture Art

It’s probably no surprise but sculpture might be the oldest art form in the history of the world. Sculpture began with our ancient ancestors and has been passed down generation to generation and is still practiced and appreciated by art lovers around the world today. There are basically to types of sculpture material forms. 1 being additive and the other being subtractive. In this post we’ll look deeper into 3 interesting forms of sculpture.

Marble Sculptures

When most people think of a marble statue they think of ancient Greek statues like the Laocoön and His Sons (pictured above) currently situated at the Vatican Museum in Rome. This is an example of subtractive sculpture due to a large slab of marble being taken from the earth and chipped away into the 500+ year old masterpiece viewed by thousands old tourist every year.

Paper Sculptures

I know what you are thinking, paper for a sculpture? Yes, I know it sounds strange but Origami and Paper Mache are forms of sculpture. The orgin of Paper Mache actually roots back to ancient China where they used it for making helmets for battle. I can personally remember using it in second grade for an art project that was really fun, but messy. While maybe not the prettiest form, it is still very interesting.

Sand Sculptures

Being a beach lover, my personal favorite sculpture material is sand. It is solid but not really solid due to the fragile nature of sand. It is the oldest form of sculpting material in the world due to its massive abundance. The video below displays some wonderful artist in time lapse, showing the pieces from start to finish. They make it look way to easy if you ask me.


The Transformation from Ancient Paintings to Present Day Photography

Through out history art has been a source of pure inspiration for people all over the world. From ancient times people have expressed themselves through painting, writing, and storytelling. Even though modern day technology has transformed the world in many ways, we all still enjoy and are inspired by these same art forms are ancestors enjoyed. In this post we will look at ancient forms of art have transitioned into the modern day tech that we all know and love.

Paintings to Images

Long before modern day cameras, painting was the only form to visually communicate an idea. It is estimated that the oldest paintings go back 40,000 years and are thought have been created by early humans referred to as Neanderthals. Of course this is all speculation but the point is the art of painting goes way back.

The very first photograph with a camera in 1826 was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce through heliography, followed by the first color photo in by James Clerk Maxwell in 1861. This break through technology now made in possible to create a picture perfect image that would normally take hours or days to complete through painting which of course could never be as perfect as a photograph.

Why Painting Remained After Photography

Just as like a painting can never capture the perfection of a a photograph, a photographer can’t capture the feeling and emotion that a gifted painter can put into a masterpiece. Each art requires a lot of skill and talent to produce a remarkable result. While photography can get very technical with knowing what camera and lens set up to combine, lighting, angles, and post editing production, becoming a truly advanced painter has a steeper learning curve. Basically anybody can pick up a high end camera and produce decent if not stunning images with a little messing around and maybe a youtube search, but it’s very easy to spot a first time painter compared to an experienced pro. Painting is a skill that requires more time to develop skill and expertise which makes it still a very large market around the world.

Conclusion: Which is best for you?

If you are a person you like really quick results then photography is most likely a better choice, but if you like to really take you time on one project then the ancient art of painting from hand is for you. Either way these art forms are both here to stay for a very long time and will be enjoyed by future generations to come. The video below is a great look into the comparison of painting vs photographs.