The Art of Creative Writing

Before I begin this post, I know what you are thinking “is writing an art form?”. I know most people only associate art with drawing, painting, sculpting and music, but writing, and especially writing poetry, is commonly excepted as an art form, and for good reason. The video below is of several speaking events given by legendary best selling author Stephen King. He speaks openly about his process of writing he has used over the decades of his legacy.

How to Grow Your Idea

The biggest obstacle that gets in the way of making progress in your writing journey is developing patients. Only through time do good ideas turn into great ideas, like a little piece if grit transforming into a pearl. Steven goes on to explain how he had the idea for “Under The Dome” when he was teaching high school in the 1970’s but at the time the idea was just to big for him to take on. Only through years of developing did the story grow into maturity.

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Turning Bad Situations Into Great Ideas

Stephen goes on to tell the story of how on a recommendation from a friend, brought his motorcycle that was running poorly to be fixed on a remote farm close to his residence in Maine. He describes how he barely rolled up to the farm just before his bike died only to be approached by a large scary looking dog. What seemed to be a bad day turned into his idea for the book Cujo, which was a best seller and was made into a movie.

After watching that video of Mr. King, you might feel really inspired and feel you could go write the next best seller, which is great! Then reality sets in when you sit down to start. You start second guessing every word you write and begin comparing yourself to successful writers and before you know it, you have convinced yourself you can’t do it. This is a very common pattern that most writers go through. The key is to remember that you are unique and at one time these well known writers were un heard of and feeling the same doubts that you do. The good news is that there are services that can help you write your book much faster than if you were to go at it alone. While there are many options out there to choose from, the Write A Book Foundation in my opinion is a great choice. They have years of ghostwriting, editing, and book publishing experience helping up and coming authors from around the United States. If you feel stuck in the process of writing your book they can provide you with great support, plus they offer free consultations.

In closing, always remember that you never know when a life changing idea could come your way. Embrace the struggle in your life and use it for growing. People identify with struggle because everyone experiences it in some way. If you are breathing than you should never give up on your dreams.